Tips for Age Managers




  • Write results onto the weekly sheet to be handed in Saturday with the clipboard that is provided



 Ground & Centre Records


  • You need to time first place with TWO timers.Take the slowest time
  • Need to have the record (time,distance or height) verified by a committee member.
  • Complete a Record slip and hand this in with the weekly sheet (must be signed by a committee member who witnessed the record).


Track Tips

  • Follow the program 
  • When using the starting gun stand behind the last runner so you can see who false starts. 
  • Before you start a race make sure the person(s) timing are ready before you fire the starting gun. 
  • When you are timing,time the places NOT the Lanes or children 
  • Start the stopwatch when you see the smoke and stop when the torso crosses the line. 
  • Do not stand at the end of the lane,stand to the side,in line with the finishing post.