A message from your Committee

A Message from your Committee

The Greystanes Little Athletics Centre extends a very warm welcome to you and your family as you share with us the joys and excitement of participation in Little Athletics (LA).
We are looking forward to the 2018/2019 season with great anticipation.
Little Athletics is managed entirely by the parents of our athletes on a voluntary basis, and with many events conducted each week a great deal of assistance is needed to ensure the smooth running of the programme with each event and to help supervise our athletes. An Age Manager is allocated to each age group, but parental help is needed to time races and measure distances. If you are new to athletics and have never timed before, don't be afraid to offer to help, someone will soon show you quickly how it is easily done. The programme cannot be conducted smoothly without your help from start to finish, for all events.
It is essential that at least one parent or friend (or a responsible adult with appropriate authority) is present from each family at all times. Despite precautions taken, accidents may happen and any delay in attending injuries could be detrimental to the child. Please remember Little Athletics is a family activity and not a child-minding service!
In the event we find a child does not have a parent/friend (responsible adult) in attendance and/or helping with events the child may be stood down from competition and may not be allowed to compete.
First aid facilities are always on hand at the canteen on competition days.
We would like to wish all our athletes well in their future endeavours and remember it does not matter if your child comes first, second, sixth or eighth in any event, it is the personal improvement and development that does matter. To highlight this, we remind all parents, on the presentation night every registered Little Athletics' child receives a trophy for participating in Saturday morning competitions irrespective of their results throughout the season
We also recommend the Little Athletics website www.laansw.com.au particularly when you wish to obtain results at Championships and obtain details of upcoming events.


We need your assistance
Michael Bale
President Greystanes Little Athletics Centre