Registrations and Memberships

 Online Instructions for single and family registrations


  Click the target to register online 


Registration entails completion of an application online, which is available by clicking the target above. Print out either the invoice (if not paid online) or receipt (proof of payment) and bring with you to one of our registration days being held in August Dates TBA


If this is the first time registering for little athletics, the Registrar must sight absolute proof of age. This is defined as a document which provides irrefutable proof of the day on which the child was born. This document can be a Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, an extract from a Register of Births, a Passport or Boat Pass or other similar document issued by the Government. In cases where such documents cannot be produced the Registrar should be consulted 




Athletes are registered according to the age you turn as per age grid, Click Here for the age grid to see what age group they will be in



Uniforms will be available for purchase on the registration days as well. Singlets are the compulsory part of uniform that all athletes must wear.

Prices are as follows                                                       Specials Deals

Singlets         $30.00                                                      Singlet & Shorts                    $50.00

Crop Tops      $35.00                                                       Crop Top $ Shorts                 $55.00

Shorts           $25.00                                                       Singlet & Bike Pants               $50.00

Bike pants      $25.00                                                       Crop Top $ Bike Pants            $55.00

Hats               $20.00



Your pack includes 


  • A registration number which should be worn on the front of the athlete's clothing at all times while competing, (2-3 numbers for      U12 and over as they are automatic dual registered with Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW)
  •  An age patch to be worn on the left hand side of the uniform.
  •  LANSW Information Booklet
  •  Greystanes Little Athletics Introductory Booklet - this will be emailed







 Registration Age Grid 2017/2018