Rule Changes to existing events and New events

03 Sep 2016

Changes to U11 & U12 Long & Triple Jumps

These age groups will no longer have a rectangle shape of sand to jump from, they now will be inline with the U13, 14, 15 & 17's which only have a small strip of sand in front of the line, which means if they touch this strip of sand it will be classed as a foul and no measure.

If anyone from these age groups have a question please do not hesitate to ask one of the committee members for clarification.


New Event Hurdle vent

Under 15-17s will now run a 300m (76cm)Hurdles race and not a 200m hurdles race. 


State Multi

U15s will now compete in a Heptathlon instead of a multi event. This is the same for ALAC (Australian Championships)

Remember no spikes for U10s and lower and scissor kick is to be used for high jump in the U9s and 10 years age groups!